Shit I’m listening to this week

[I keep calling these “this week” but then forgetting to post more than once every month or 6 weeks… Oh well…]

First off, since I was up til 6:30am today on an L.A. Guns listening kick, here’s the official video for “Rip and Tear”:

A little schlocky as any music video from the 80s would be, but I love the song. And I’d almost forgotten how much I love the band.

And check the hot white Gibson 335. Lotta white guitars back in the day, and actually, they look pretty damn good under the stage lights.

Also listening to a bunch of old Faster Pussycat the last couple days, let’s single out “Bathroom Wall” since it’s a fun little track and hey, look, there’s another white 335! Also the video holds up a bit better:

I spy an alpine white Les Paul too. Hawt.

Of course, I’m still listening to a shitload of GNR, and in particular for some reason I’m loving “Get In The Ring” these days, which is funny because I never much cared for it before. Anyway:

Gotta love our local boys too, so here’s some Crystal Pistol with “Rockstar”:

Some of that live footage is at the Orpheum, think they opened for Marilyn Manson there around 2004 or 2005. Which means I’m one of those pixelated people somewhere in the shot, would have been about row 10-15 in the centre if I recall correctly.

And I seem to recall thinking they played better than the ol’ Reverend too…

Let’s see… what else? Trying and failing to get the opening riff right for the Stones’ “It’s Only Rock and Roll,” which pretty much gets chopped out of the official promo so never mind how badly I butcher the riff, I guess:

Looks like Charlie Watts is trying and sort of failing to not bust out laughing at the ridiculousness of the whole sailor bullshit meme.

I’m doing much better with the rhythm parts for Aerosmith’s “Same Old Song and Dance” albeit I play it much slower than they do, at least for now. Here they are doing it live in ’78:

[BTW: hilarious that Vevo is recommending NIN’s “Hurt” to me based on me watching Aerosmith. It’s true that I have been a NIN fan before, though I’ve been bored of NIN in the last 10 years, and particularly the last couple years such that I rarely listen, but I’d be a rare exception. Most people who are watching 70s Aerosmith don’t give a fuck about Trent Reznor.]

Couple or three more:

All my friends are spazzing about “OMG Skinny Puppy’s coming in February!” Me, I don’t give a fuck, I’m long since done spending a goddamn cent on the Puppies, but there is a just-announced February show that got me freaking out, and that honor belongs to Zakk Wylde, who is doing an acoustic show at the Commodore on February 13, and I will be going along with my brother [who based on past Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society shows will probably be sure to stand in front row looking bored with his arms crossed going “meh, he’s alright, but he’s no Randy Rhodes…” while I cringe going “he can fucking see you, you know that?” Even though my brother never seems to miss a BLS show and quite likes them as near as I can tell. I think it’s a heavy metal hipster thing.].

So, acoustic Black Label Society is getting lots of iTunes time this week, here’s “Crazy or High”:

Also grooving on Frank Zappa’s “Cosmik Debris” so here’s a live version:

Tons more, but I’ll just post one more for now [and then try to remember to save the rest for next Tuesday or whenever I post the next “listening to” list]. Here’s a little stop-motion video from my pals in Kill City Kids, “Now That’s The Christmas Spirit” from their new EP Put the Kids to Bed:

Don’t say I never post happy Christmas music. 😉