Latest addition to the synth family

Since I drunk the analog synthesizer Kool-Aid a while back, I’ve been wanting an ARP for at least a couple years, but usually EBay has been showing up ones that were just a little beyond my budget [ARP Odysseys] or a lot beyond my budget [ARP 2600s] or a Hell of a lot beyond my budget [ARP 2500s, though to be fair it’s very rare that they even come up on EBay].

Anyway, lucked into finding this original ARP Soloist, great condition and within my budget. And it has the same oscillator as the ARP 2600s. Yay!

Now, to get laying some sweet ARP-iness onto the demos I’ve been working on. Every patch on here is either creepy, growly and sinister, retro-cool, or all of the above. Perfect!