Tracks of the Week February 12

Still regularly waking up with L.A. Guns’ “Electric Gypsy” in my head, but since that’s been covered in a recent “tracks of the week,” let’s go with another L.A. Guns song that jumped out at me this week:

L.A. Guns: “Snake Eyes Boogie”:

Particularly the line “They’d all like to see me dead, but I just stayed one step ahead…”


Speaking of dreams, had a weird one a few days ago where a friend and I were travelling in Denmark, checking out the touristy shit, then the sightseeing bus started winding around thin roads on the edges of high mountain cliffs, ending up at an ancient Tibetan-style temple/monastery carved into the mountainside, glowing from within by the light of a thousand candles.

Now, pretty sure Denmark is mostly flat, and so this is simply not possible, at least not there.

Which reminded me of this:

Conjure One: “Places That Don’t Exist”:

Probably that dream came up from thinking of my brother’s upcoming pilgrimage to Mount Kailash this June. Apparently walking around Kailash cleanses the sins of a lifetime, but this summer solstice due to some sort of astrological convergence [I forget the details], it’s worth way more than one lifetime’s sins.

Too bad I can’t tag along.


Speaking of my brother, we’re going to the Zakk Wylde show this week, so here’s a little of Zakk’s stuff:

Black Label Society: “Queen of Sorrow”:

Last year at Guitar Center for their podcast. Hmm… might have to subscribe to said podcast!


Not quite up to the level of Zakk, but I am making decent progress with learning the rhythm parts from “Paradise City.”

Way slower than it’s supposed to be played, of course, but oh well.

Guns N Roses: “Paradise City”:

Haven’t seen this video in ages. Forgot that they used a bunch of footage from Donnington as well as New Jersey.

Makes some of those black and white crowd shots just a wee bit creepy, actually.


From old to new… Faderhead’s latest came out a few days ago, and of course I’ve been all ears.

So far this is the track standing out the most to me:

Faderhead: “Champagne & Real Pain”:

Could have something to do with relating to the bit about “real pain for my sham friends,” but that’s all of us, isn’t it?

And the rest of the album’s great too.

BTW: I bet this particular video gets pulled, Faderhead hasn’t posted individual tracks to YouTube yet, other than the single.

But if this fan’s vid disappears, Faderhead usually posts individual tracks a couple months after the album release, hopefully I’ll remember in a couple months to come back and check and update this one if need be.


Shooting Gallery: “Nature of My Business”:

My first choice was actually “Leave Me Alone” by Shooting Gallery but YouTube’s being a bitch [ie: it ain’t there].

I did find this nifty promo video/electronic press kit video, though:

“Wait until you hear us lip sync – you’ll be floored!”



Another Andy McCoy project, The Suicide Twins, post-Hanoi Rocks, only working with Nasty Suicide. This track jumped out at me, bit of a similar vibe to a lot of the Big Rude Jake stuff I’ve loved for years, but of course with that special something that McCoy always brings to the table:

The Suicide Twins: “Declaration”:


Big Rude Jake: “Filthy Bastard Cabaret”:

Kudos to my cousin James for insisting I get into this guy.


From an old discover to a new one, since there’s a bunch of Hanoi Rocks side projects going on this week…

Demolition 23: “The Scum Lives On”:

Ain’t that the truth? Well, at least there are always ways around dealing with such…