New album in the works…


Like the title says.

Of course, like the sign behind Keef’s head says in the photo, patience please.

Although I can assure you that a new maQLu album will come first, long before a drug-free America ever will.

This time around I decided no arbitrary release dates to cause me to rush to make them and the songs would come first. In the last week or so I’ve realized that I have enough material that I’m happy enough with, most of which is demoed already so they just require tweaking and polishing. (Which can still take a long damn while.)

Looking at probably 8 tracks, maybe up to 11, and while I won’t give away the track listing yet since it could change, I will say that I’m pretty sure I’ll put a version of “Tell Me” on there (though it will likely be different from the version I put out on COMA Music Magazine’s GCS3 compilation) and I’m also pretty sure that two of the songs I did at Shindig last month, “Voodoo” and “Naive Again,” will likely be on there too.

More news eventually… sometime prior to this mythical drug-free America comes into being.