Dave Grohl’s Studio City

The Atlantic on Dave Grohl’s new documentary

The Studio City trailer suggests that Grohl may take the opportunity to wrestle with this subject—to further clarify and expand upon his Grammy speech from earlier this year. He asks in the trailer, “In this age of technology, where you can manipulate anything, how do we retain that human element?” It’s likely that the development of the film was on his mind when he stood on the stage accepting the Best Rock Performance award: He was busy making a movie about the sort of institution where a “performance” is, in fact, constructed as much as it is captured.

Looks like this should be an interesting documentary, and the theme dovetails nicely with a lot of what I work with for maQLu – how best to express/evoke a given human emotion using machines? When to let the machines be machines and the humans be humans, and when and how to make them crossover?

Naturally Grohl comes from a very different perspective but it’ll still be interesting to see his take on it all.