Digital Hell, conclusion

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So today I got the call to go pick up my replacement MBox, and the store made damn sure to test both Firewire ports on the new one to make sure they both worked.

Brought it in to the synth cave and set it up and finally I’ve got my session for “Constrictor” up and running with the external drive mounted. Audio is playing with no distortion and no error 6085 stopping playback every 3 seconds.

I’m going to let the song loop on playback for an hour to make damn sure, then I shall be running recording tests on every input to make sure there’s no distortion problems, but I think the problem is now solved.


Funny after not hearing it for 48 hours I can hear the strain and stress from trying to figure out why everything was so fucked up and why I kept having good takes ruined by growling distortion etc. in these vocal takes for “Constrictor” – I’ll have to redo it all after all that because even though these are the clean takes, the performance sucks. My voice sounds thin and pushed, even for my most comfortable range.

Oh well. Retakes are a task for next weekend.

I’m just glad I’ve got a working and apparently stable Pro Tools rig again.

And the Mercury retrograde my brother blames for all of this is over tomorrow night. Better not have any more gremlins fucking with my shit.