Call me paranoid but…

… I’ve noticed the speed on my little fan dipping a few times in the last hour and the lights have flickered too. And while I haven’t looked outside, many of my local friends are Twittering about lightning here in Vancouver.

And no matter what the guarantee promised by the manufacturers of my heavy duty surge protectors, I think I’ll just play it safe and shut everything down and unplug those surge protecting power bars right out of the wall, just in case.

After all, it’s the final few hours of the technology-fritzing Mercury Retrograde, which has bit me in the ass a few times already. Let’s not tempt fate.

Also, I’ve got only an hour to go before I go hang out at one of the local open mics, and I can get some writing done on my not-plugged in iPad in that hour instead of working on live arrangements at one of the synths.

I swear my decision has nothing to do with procrastinating on said live arrangements. Really.