The way it hangs

Just spotted this blurb on Street Carnage, hilarious as always from Jim Goad:

Which Way’s It Hanging?

Supposedly the World Health Organization has statistics that 75% of men’s dicks hang to the left, 17% to the right, and 8% go either way.

Let’s assume for the moment that this is true and such a study actually happened via the WHO.

On the one hand there’s the Ayn Rand part of my brain sputtering with rage because I do believe that WHO is ultimately funded via tax dollars, and seriously, why the fuck are we pissing away tax money on such frivolous studies instead of say, slashing taxes and letting people keep a Hell of a lot more of their cash and spend it as they wish?

On the other hand, there’s the part of my brain that has a perverse envy of this kind of looting. Nice work if you can get it, and just imagine the cocktail [heh!] party conversations, especially if the researchers are chicks:

Random partygoer: So, what do you do?
Researcher: Well, I get paid to investigate which way guys tuck their dicks. Y’know, does it hang to the left or to the right.
Random partygoer: The fuck…? Like, for some porn company?
Researcher: Naw, the World Health Organization.
Random partygoer: You’re fucking kidding, right? How is that in anyway relevant to health?
Researcher: Hey now, this sort of thing is every bit as important as finding the cure for cancer, because… um… well, further studies are needed.

It’s a bit like how every few years there’s a new study on average penis length, which I thought had long since been settled on as being about six inches hard. But nope, someone keeps managing to get research grants to measure wangs.

Waste of money, really, but again, if you can separate suckers from their money, I guess you might as well.