So, I’ve got mood lighting going on at the synth cave with a bunch of LED xmas lights and a little disco ball, etc.

I decided to add some more oomph by bringing some old small IKEA mirrors and hanging them up in random spots.

I figured I could use a few more but decided to pop by Value Village to see if I could score some really cheap ones.

I found just one small one, but saw at the opposite end of the store they had some big mirrors and so I headed over there to see if there were some more little ones.

No more little ones were to be found but instead there was a road case next to the suitcases [next to the big mirrors]. Perfect condition, the perfect size to stick my MoPho into with room to spare for some of my various FX pedals, and it was a mere $15.

Holy shit. I’d looked into getting road cases for the MoPho and the other synths but didn’t want to lay out the money when I’m not touring as of yet, but I know I was looking at at least $100 each case, more like $200.

So, of course I grabbed the case. Had to chuckle at the counter, apparently they’re having some sort of 50% off sale but it didn’t apply to the road case and the clerk was apologizing to me for that.

Lady, it’s already 90% off, don’t worry about it.

Anyway, when I got home I quickly whipped up a stencil of my logo and set to work:

Yellow on top, blue on the bottom.

So, got a road case for the MoPho, last month I picked up a rolling suitcase to stuff the assorted FX toys and little mixers and mics into. And I do have gig bags for the bigger synths. Guess this means I could indeed hit the road.

Now to make that happen.