Weekly update

I should call these bi-weekly updates, I always seem to forget one week and post the next.

Phew! Got one of my two cover submissions in to COMA Music Magazine, and with 2 weeks to go before the deadline.

That was my new wave cover, “Lie to Me” by Depeche Mode. My version is slower, sludgier, and of course more distorted than the original. For whatever reason that was how I remembered it, and I tapped out the tempo I thought it was and came up with 76 bpm. Then of course I listened to the original and it’s actually way faster and much more pop, but whatever. Whole point of a cover is it doesn’t parrot the original.

Anyway, with a couple weeks to go, I hope I can squeeze in finishing my half- done cover of Faster Pussycat’s “Where There’s A Whip There’s A Way” [the compilation is open to either hair metal or new wave from the 80s, actually I guess it’s more like they’re doing 2 cover compilations at the same time].

Other than that, I finished another demo for next year’s album, this one called “Membrane” and did some mucking about with track listings for the winter EP, Malfeasance, that I’m putting out in January, and that album. I’d mentioned before a track called “Sapphire” from Malfeasance, last week I thought I’d move it to the album instead, this week I changed my mind again.

I think that’s about it, other than me doing some more vocal over dubs, more tweaks on Malfeasance tracks, more writing.

That and collecting a couple more creepy mannequin parts, medical simulaids, and teaching models.

Y’know, the usual synth cave activities.