Worldwide fake man trouble

Or at least issues with getting a mannequin shipped to Canada from companies who insist they ship worldwide until you try to order something and then it’s “We don’t ship to Canada, sorry.”

I’ve had this happen twice in the lat month, once was a company who said on EBay they shipped to Canada, then took my order, then a few days ago cancelled my order without giving a reason and refunded. Then promptly relished it for the same price and shipping costs and still saying they shipped to Canada specifically and also worldwide. When I asked them why my order had been cancelled, they insisted they don’t ship to Canada.

Another company’s website has banners all over it bragging about their worldwide shipping at great rates. I went through their checkout as far as the shipping page, it gave me a message to contact them to arrange my shipping method. When I did, I got a terse email in response telling me they don’t ship to Canada.

Now, I realize Canadians take great delight mocking Americans, and a particular favorite is jokes about American ignorance of geography, but those are supposed to be jokes, not the truth.

How dumb do you have to be to not understand that your neighbor to the north is indeed considered to be part of the world, therefore if you ship worldwide it means you should ship to Canada?

I don’t even care if you charge a higher shipping rate, no problem, just ship the damn thing.

It’s particularly annoying when a company offers ground shipping to Alaska but not to Canada, since in driving their shipment to Alaska they would likely drive past my city (Vancouver) en route.

I know some might say buy Canadian instead, and normally I would. However, the primary purpose for this mannequin is for a video I want to shoot in my rather small rehearsal space, and because I myself am not all that tall, I want a shorter mannequin and I want it male. For some reason all the Canadian companies I’ve seen only stock tall male mannequins of at least 6′ tall. And none of them seem to do special orders unless I wanted to buy at least 10. Whereas there are a couple American companies who stock what I want.

They just won’t ship it here.

Oh well. My brother keeps talking about maybe getting a mailbox just over the border to take advantage of all that “free shipping within the USA” that so many American companies offer. I’ll just have to wait until he gets it and try again.

And my cool funny video will have to wait.