Got a Facebook friend request from the creep I unfriended after he got me in a headlock and tried to make me kiss him.

Which happened when discussing a potential video project I was going to do sound engineering for him on, ie: a fucking business discussion, not anything even close to a date or anything like that.

And then when I shoved him off and made it clear I was not interested in any way and never would be, asshole’s response was “OK, so you’re not there yet. But I’m on a roll, so…”

Fuck off and die.

And then the next day I had already committed to helping him record voice-overs on another project, should have just not shown up but I was trying to act professional. Too bad he wasn’t—he actually tried to stroke my hair during that session when giving direction to the actresses and barely seemed to notice when I jerked away and stuffed my hair down inside my hoodie.

And when it turned out the client was pissed about the tone the voice-overs had, I refused to help him rerecord anything and told him to find another engineer and took that opportunity to cut all ties. Thought I blocked the bastard but oh well, better late than never, just blocked him now.