OMG! Izzy Vinyl!

Originally published on my other blog,

Looky looky what just arrived from Amazon 10 minutes ago! 


Limited edition vinyl rerelease of Izzy Stradlin’s 117° – #000079 to be exact.

Can’t help but notice that numbering system allows for up to 999999 copies in this limited edition, which is realistically way more than will actually ever be bought so it’s not really all that limited, but whatever. 

One doesn’t expect guitarists like Izzy to be good at math, nor does one expect labels like Universal to resist a good marketing scheme like “limited edition.”

TL;DR version: “OMG! Oooooooh! Izzy! [*blowjob noises*]” 

(aka: what my guitar teacher hears when I drone on about stuff like this…)