RIP Mickey

Came out of my jam space to use the washroom this afternoon and saw this guy sitting very still in the hallway:


I’ve seen mice around here before, but never sitting still in the open. Particularly considering that usually they bolt if they see me.

I actually thought he might be dead, but he did actually move a couple inches over when I got really close. And then just sat in his new spot.

So, I wanted to evict Mickey, even though I know he’d just find his way back in.

But, being a girl, I’m squeamish and didn’t want to touch him. I found a broom and a dustpan and noted the empty garbage can a few feet away and figured I’d corral him into the can and the release him into the alley.

One would expect Mickey to bolt at this point, but while he stumbled over a foot or so, he didn’t bolt and didn’t put up any real fight, just slowly wandered into the turned over trash can.

I had to go use the washroom still, so I righted the can, went and came back and Mickey was just sitting still in the bottom of the can.

Clearly Mickey wasn’t long for this world, and I had a decision to make: dump him out in the alley as planned where he would either get run over by a car or ripped apart by a crow (possibly while still alive) or leave him in peace in the garbage can for nature to take its course.

Which seemed like a kind of shitty and undignified way to go, but I figured it was better than getting squashed or eaten alive in the alley.

I’ve checked in a few times over the last few hours and Mickey hasn’t moved at all in the bottom of the can, not one millimetre. My neighbors aren’t around today, so the odds of anyone dropping a beer bottle on him to end it in a more decisive or violent way are pretty low. So, garbage can or not, Mickey gets to die in peace.

Much as I can’t stand mice sneaking around here, I still kinda feel sorry for him.