So last night as I was leaving the synth cave at about 3am, I had a wad of Kleenex with some orange peels in it to toss in the garbage in the common kitchenette for the jam spaces.

No one’s around so I lobbed it into the can from about 6 feet away, then just about jumped out of my skin as a little mouse sprang up out of the can and bolted for the cupboard across the kitchen in the blink for an eye.

I think we each just about had a heart attack.

I’ve seen the little guy before in the kitchen, and one time last month as I sat writing in the synth cave with the door open and a fan on full speed to blast the hot air out I twice saw him almost dart into my space before flinching and turning around when he saw me. At that point I shut the door and went to googling to find out how to keep him away from my space and all the chewable power cords and audio cables without actually getting mouse blood on my hands (ie non-lethal methods) and ended up going to Home Depot for one of those ultrasonic electronic mouse repellent things, which has been taking up a precious space on one of my power bars ever since.

And I haven’t seen him anywhere near my room or heard any scurrying sounds there since.

Apparently the kitchen’s out of range, though.

Not that that’s really my problem.

Somehow I feel like I should give him a nickname and for some reason “Eddie” comes to mind. Must be because my brother just saw Iron Maiden last weekend, dunno.

Anyway, someone should tell Eddie that he’s much more likely to encounter pizza boxes and their potential contents in the giant garbage can in the front lounge than in the small kitchen can. (And yes, the front lounge is even further from my space than the kitchen is.)