From CiTR’s playlist adds

As I’ve mentioned before, I DJ at CiTR Radio in Vancouver.

So, I get the emails with the playlist add information and I was pleased to see the following little mini-review blurb for Futureghosts officially being added this week [a few of my fellow DJs at CiTR already have digital copies, hence my previous chart position for Futureghosts a couple weeks back]:

maQlu – Futureghosts
“CiTR programmer Pyra Draculea’s musical project maQlu is an industrial goth romp. The layering of the instruments creates a haunting sound which is complemented by Draculea’s wonderfully ghoulish vocals. Futureghosts sounds like the soundtrack to the best horror movie in years, unfortunately that film doesn’t exist yet. Some might say it’s an odd spring release, but isn’t it always time for a good scare?” -Erik Coates

Spring? In Vancouver? 😉

Anyway, thanks for the kind words, Erik.

Now who wants to get moving on making that film?