Another weird coincidence thing

Follow up from yesterday’s post about some goofy synchronicities stemming from a couple conversations joking about dick pics etc.

I’d been going to go to a show tonight but it got cancelled so I’ll be doing my usual radio show instead. Which means I need caffeine and candy, which I didn’t bring. So I went to go fetch some at the 7-11 down the road and when I got back and parked in the back parking lot here at my rehearsal space, the first thing I see when I opened my car door was this:

Now, the former wardrobe and props department here is getting cleared out to be turned into new rehearsal rooms [as I mentioned in another post, I’ll be moving into one], so my best guess is these little scraps blew or were swept out the door. Now the question is did they land in exactly that way to form a dick, or was someone bored when they were out smoking a cigarette or a joint and decided to arrange them just so.

Either way, the universe seems to be playing tricks on me this week.