Coincidence or no?

Days like this I think there’s something to the theory that 1. there’s no such thing as a coincidence and 2. the universe has a sense of humor.

A couple days ago someone I follow on Twitter [personal account, not @maQLU] was asking about if girls really do want to see dick shots, I replied that it all depended on who was attached to said dick and whether we like him or not. If so, then sure, we might want to have a photo preview. [But only if we asked for them. This is one of those “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” kinda things.]

This afternoon he got back to me and was trying to get me to name names as to who I might want to see a dick pic of. And of course there’s no way in Hell I was going to do that on a public forum. So there was a little joking around. “What about a celebrity?” “Not interested in any actual celebrities and if you’re including guys from my genre gene pool who merely think they’re celebrities then either I’m still not interested and/or I have way less than 6 degrees of separation from them, no way!” Etc.

Then a few minutes later as I was checking up on other Twitter fun, I saw a link to an article to someone who may or may not be on that mythical list of Dick Shots I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing [name/link etc. withheld to protect the guilty], and the not-particularly-flattering promo pic attached to it, of him sitting an office, caught my eye. Something was wrong with the picture and at first I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Then I realized that was what seemed weird in the pic: his hands were in his pockets, which looked odd enough for someone sitting down, but even funnier: the only finger that wasn’t hidden in one of his pockets was laying along his upper thigh/groin pointing very clearly to his dick. And it has more light on it than his face does.

Once you see that, it’s all you see in that photo.

Funnier still is that it’s a strangely appropriate pose for him. I almost wonder if it was intentional: “Psst… never mind the rest of this shot, look at Junior!”

Or at least I’m still giggling over it half an hour later.

Well… people do say you ought to have “a bit of business with the hands” in a photograph, don’t they?

Anyway, I have demos I should get back to instead of joking around about unfortunate press pics…

PS: Dear Universe: That’s not quite what we meant when we were joking about dick shots, but I appreciate the humorous and creative interpretation of it.