Symphony No. 1: First movement

First movement of a symphony I’m working on, in sonata allegro form.

Technically not maQLu, but hey, might as well post it here. And I had to use the maQLu YouTube anyway due to the length of the piece.

Title: Symphony No. 1: “Huntswoman’s Reverie.” [first movement in sonata allegro form]
Composer: Pyra Draculea
Year: 2012

Programmed with MIDI/virtual instruments plus some drum and cymbal samples using ProTools.

Still a draft, some edits may be made yet, but this is more or less the final score for the first movement. Hopefully I’ll get the rest of it finished over the summer.

Background pic is one I found on my hard drive that I shot somewhere in Stanley Park in Vancouver in the summer of 2010. I think close to the former zoo area based on the surrounding pics.