College Radio Updates

A couple of weeks ago I sent out a few copies of my debut EP, Blood, to 20 college radio stations in Canada, today was time to follow up on the mailout.

I haven’t heard back from half of the music directors yet [but, hey, it’s summer vacation time and I expect to hear more over the next week as folks come back or have set days on which they handle tracking requests].

So far, I’ve been added to the playlist in Toronto [CIUT], Calgary [CJSW], Edmonton [CJSR], and Lethbridge [CKXU]… and while I only heard about the station after the mailout, I did send the MP3s of Blood over to Notanee Bourassa for HardWired on CJTR in Regina. [All the stations I missed I’ll make sure to get copies of the next EP to once it’s out in early November.]

Superstoked about the adds, and there’s more stations to hear back from yet. All of these stations have at least one idustrial/synth/electro show, feel free to place requests. 😀