Euanator Radio show links

Today I popped into CJSF Radio up at Simon Fraser University to be the guest on Euanator Radio from noon to 1 pm.

We chatted about the project, about remixing, etc. and I played a couple of tracks that I haven’t played elsewhere yet:

  • “Move Through Me [Pulse Mix],” a remix I did of one of the tracks on Blood
  • “Paws Off,” a rough mix of the noise piece off the upcoming EP, Black, which I only finished a few days ago
  • my remix of the Rabid Whole‘s “Faith In Yesterday [Maqlu Mix]”
  • “Lord of the Flies,” a stark almost a cappella piece that will close out Black

In case you missed it, here are the podcast links for the show:

Maqlu on Euanator Radio July 30, 2010: Part 1

Maqlu on Euanator Radio July 30, 2010: Part 2

Thanks again to Euan for having me on the show, it was a blast and I hope your listeners enjoyed it as much as I did.