Mind of maQLu Radio – August 26 2014

Mind of maQLu Radio – August 26 2014 by Maqlu on Mixcloud


Devo – Big Mess (Greatest Hits)
Ramones – We Want the Airwaves (RamonesMania)
The Clash – This is Radio Clash (The Story of the Clash vol. 1)
Merlin – The Chainsaw Flower Hymn (A Noise Supreme)
Frank Zappa – Society Pages (You Are What You Is)
Alice Cooper – No More Mr. Nice Guy (Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits)
Love & Rockets – **** [Jungle Law] (Love & Rockets)
Bauhaus – Rosegarden Funeral of Sores (In the Flat Field)
Duran Duran – Too Much Information (Duran Duran [The Wedding Album])
c0ndu1t – Transmissions (Year of the Dead)

New episodes will be uploaded to mixcloud.com/maqlu as they happen, and then posted here, on Facebook, on both of my Twitter accounts, and on my Tumblr.