Mind of maQLu Radio – June 27 2014

Been having an idea off and on to do a secondary podcast, mix-only and incorporating some of the major label stuff I like [*cough*Guns N Roses*cough*Aerosmith*cough*Rolling Stones*cough*Buckcherry*cough*], which will actually make the blend weirder than what I can do with the Vampire’s Ball, and without needing to worry about the PC bullshit that sometimes comes with college radio.

[Sometimes? LOL…]

So, no regard to Canadian content quotas, though since I like a lot of Canadian bands there’ll still be some.

And as I’ve said before, fuck the femcom commie bullshit quotas. If I like a female artist and she has a song that fits the mix I’m doing, fine. Otherwise I don’t care.

Nothing too long, 30-45 minute bursts.

All stream-of-consciousness, with no PSA and ad breaks or pretense at “enrichment”. Just let the music talk, and more accurately represent what I actually listen to day in and day out [my radio show, The Vampire’s Ball, certainly is a more accurate representation these days in its eclectic format than it used to be when it was all electronic/industrial, but still, there’s a lot missing and it does drive me nuts].

And so as I was driving home from a marathon CiTR programming committee meeting, it all congealed into an idea for a new podcast exclusive to Mixcloud, which I decided to call Mind of maQLu Radio.

Not sure exactly how often I’ll do them or on what day, I’m sure it’ll eventually fall into place on its own, but since my regular show wasn’t able to be podcast last night, I whipped up the first one for tonight:

Mind of maQLu Radio – June 27 2014 by Maqlu on Mixcloud


David Sylvian & Robert Fripp – God’s Monkey (The First Day)
Tyranahorse – Out of Control (Garbage Bears)
We Need Surgery – Stranger (We Need Surgery)
Buckcherry – Brooklyn (15)
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers – Chinese Rocks (L.A.M.F.)
Kill City Kids – Put the Kids to Bed (Put the Kids to Bed)
Barron S – Rebirth (Mixtape)
Walking Papers – Independence Day (Walking Papers)

New episodes will be uploaded to mixcloud.com/maqlu as they happen, and then posted here, on Facebook, on both of my Twitter accounts, and on my Tumblr.