Mind of maQLu Radio – June 29 2014

Mind of maQLu Radio – June 29 2014 by Maqlu on Mixcloud


Danko Jones – I Don’t Care (Rock and Roll Is Black and Blue)
The Best Revenge – Harlot (Young Nihilists’ Gun Club)
Sex Pistols – Bodies (Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols)
Marilyn Manson – Little Horn (Antichrist Superstar)
Beautiful Creatures – Straight to Hell (Deuce)
Izzy Stradlin – Way to Go (On Down the Road)
Nature – Cometh (Nature)
Combichrist – Fuck That Shit (What the Fuck Is Wrong with You People)
KMFDM – Get Out of My Head (MDFMK)
Japan – State Line (The Singles)
Tiamat – Spine (Judas Christ)

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