Mind of maQLu Radio – August 16 2014

Mind of maQLu Radio – August 16 2014 by Maqlu on Mixcloud


Faith No More – Chinese Arithmetic (Introduce Yourself)
Nirvana – Lithium (Nevermind)
The Electric Hellfire Club – Mr. 44 (Burn, Baby, Burn!)
Zeromancer – V (The Death of Romance)
Kill City Kids – Da Tweaker Tweaks (False Creep)
Guns N Roses – You’re Crazy (Appetite for Destruction)
Faderhead – Take Your Fuckin’ Meds (FH4)
Nature – You Only Live 2X (Nature)
Frank Zappa – Cosmik Debris (Apostrophe)
16volt – Fight or Flight (Beating Dead Horses)
Drowning Susan – Filth [maQLu Edit] (The Long Count)

New episodes will be uploaded to mixcloud.com/maqlu as they happen, and then posted here, on Facebook, on both of my Twitter accounts, and on my Tumblr.