Tracks of the week: July 1 2014

It’s Canada Day today here in the Great White North, so while I generally eschew all these special days as a bunch of crap, I figure I might as well do an all-Canuck version of this week’s favorite tracks… if only to give Johnny Thunders’s ghost a week off.


The Scramblers: “Shed My Skin” & “Ridin’ the Eight Ball”:

Live on CBC. OK, so when I say the CBC never does anything worthwhile with our tax dollars, this is the exception that proves the rule. And that exception came in 1988 or 1989.


Danko Jones: “I Want You”:


Copyright: “Death of a Curbcrawler”:


Kill City Kids: “Da Tweaker Tweaks”:


Crystal Pistol: “Watch You Bleed”:


The Rabid Whole: “Stargazer”:


Fake Shark Real Zombie: “Siamese Disease”:


The Thick of It: “First Day of Death”:

Live at Venue, 2011.


Left Spine Down: “Welcome to the Future”:


We Found a Lovebird: “Shiver”:

Live at Little Mountain Studio.


Louise Burns: “Drop Names Not Bombs”:


Big Rude Jake: “Gotham City Seranade”:


Matthew Good Band: “Load Me Up”:


We Need Surgery: “Stranger”:

Just a few of the first things to come to mind [and which were easy to find on YouTube!] when I think of Canadian music…