Tracks of the Week: June 24 2014

Spending some quality time watching lectures from the Nixon Library on YouTube. Saw the Dennis Prager roast, Ann Coulter talking about one of her books, Dinesh D’Souza and Andrew Breitbart as well.

So, let’s start off this week’s favorite tracks with this:

Love & Rockets: “An American Dream”:


Johnny Thunders: “Ask Me No Questions”:


Ramones: “We Want the Airwaves”:


Faderhead: “Take Your Fuckin’ Meds”:

Because there’s some idiot who posted on Faderhead’s page that his song “Self-Control” supposedly encourages rape.

I have a long winded spewing blog post about such idiocy in the works, but for now, I’ll say that he handled it much nicer than I would have while still maintaining a slightly mocking frame.

Me, I would have posted the above song as a response and banned the bitch from the page, but as you can guess by the fact that I adore watching lectures from the Nixon Library, I’m not the sort to suffer fools gladly.


Speaking of long-winded blog posts in the works, I had another one about musical direction, which popped this one into my head:

Marilyn Manson: “This Is the New Shit”:

Been a very long time since I’ve listened to much Marilyn Manson.


Walking Papers: “Two Tickets and a Room”:


Rocky Horror Show: “Charles Atlas Song”:

This was popping into my head the other day while doing my weightlifting.


Alkaline Trio: “Hell Yes”: