Slash in Vancouver videos

I think I mentioned before that the dude I got my ticket off of for Slash’s show on August 15th was taking video to post on YouTube.

Finally got around to finding it, so here it all is, probably out of order because I don’t remember exactly other than “Paradise City” was the encore.


“You Could Be Mine”:

“World on Fire”:


“Doctor Alibi”:

“Stone Blind”:

“You’re a Lie”:

“30 Years to Life”:

“Rocket Queen”:

[in two parts because someone from our row just had to get up and take a pee break in the middle, thereby screwing shit up. There’s about a minute or so missing between the two videos.]

“Paradise City”:

They also did “Nightrain,” “It’s So Easy,” “Slither,” and a bunch of others, but meh, guess there’s no good footage of those.