Tracks of the Week: April 8 2014

Well, first off, it’s apparently Izzy Stradlin’s birthday today.

So, let’s start off with not one but two tracks from my favorite leggy brunet guitarist that I’ve never met:

Izzy Stradlin: “Old Hat”:

A little silly with some of the visuals, but hey, I’m much too lazy to make my own, so whatever.


Izzy Stradlin & the Ju-Ju Hounds: “Train Tracks”:


Aww… fuck it, a couple more:

Velvet Revolver feat. Izzy Stradlin: “It’s So Easy”:


Guns N Roses feat. Izzy Stradlin: “14 Years”:

Live in Las Vegas. November 23, 2012. Also a better performance than the London reunion stuff I think I’ve posted before.

Hey… I spy a Gibson ES-135, my guy’s long-lost twin. [Still in at the repair shop getting refretted. Should be out of jail some time this week. Man, I miss that guitar…]

And now onto the rest of this week’s list:


Reverend Horton Heat: “Where in the Hell Did You Go with My Toothbrush?”:

Live in Nashville in 2013.


Johnny Thunders: “Hurtin’:

Izzy’s not the only one I fangirl over… Still on a mega-Johnny Thunders kick the last little while, and this track happens to be the one that was stuck in my head when I made this list.


Hawksley Workman: “Dirty and True”:

Generally speaking, I can’t stand Hawksley Workman, but he does have 3 songs that I like, and this is one of them. Hadn’t thought about it in ages, maybe even years, but for whatever reason a few days ago it popped into my head.


Tyranahorse: “Out of Control”:

Tried to find a live video of this cause I know I’ve seen them do it live, no dice. Oh well.


Danzig: “I Don’t Mind The Pain”: