Tracks of the week, April 29 2014

Men at Work: “High Wire”:

Woke up with this one in my head once or twice this week. Not sure if I’ve ever seen the video before, must have at some point.

Guns n Roses: “Mama Kin”:

Live at the Ritz in 1988. Latest song I’m working on in my guitar lessons.

Danko Jones: “Apology Accepted”:

Been digging this one this week quite a lot.

Louise Burns: “Island Vacation”:

Live in Toronto for Canadian Music Week in 2012.

The Rabid Whole: “Future”:


We Found a Lovebird: “2 Hours to Kill”:

Shot a couple weeks ago at Charqui Grill. ‘Twas a good set, I was there. These guys are playing at the A Change of Frequency benefit on May 2nd at Chapel Arts, then May 24th at the Marine Pub in Burnaby [where I’ll be opening, but more on that later].

Johnny Thunders: “Short Lives”: