Tracks of the Week February 25

First of all, I forgot this one from last week’s list, so here it is now:

Virtual Terrorist: “Killer [1990 Radutron remix by the Rabid Whole]”:

I actually mastered this EP, and I wouldn’t say I’m the greatest mastering engineer but hey, Fragments turned out pretty good so I think I pulled it out of my ass pretty well. I had a remix on this one too, but I must say I think this remix by my pals in the Rabid Whole is my actual favorite from the EP.


Nine Inch Nails: “Memorabilia”:

Wanted to show the Gary Numan version but YouTube’s being a pain in the ass, so…


Iggy Pop: “Wild America”:

Hadn’t heard the album this was off of, American Caesar, in quite a while but it’s found its way back into my iTunes rotation this week, so there ya go.


Soundgarden: “Slaves & Bulldozers”:

Apparently there’s a version where they had Slash come and do the solo. Doesn’t appear to be on YouTube, or maybe I’m just too lazy in my searching. Anyway, failing that, this is the album version.


NoMeansNo: “Something Dark Against Something Light”:

Live version. I was hanging out “assisting” during the Vogville recording session where these guys were tracking stuff for the EP this was on. This number always stuck in my head, and has been an earworm lately again. Absolutely love it.


Ramones: “Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?”:

Still on my Ramones kick from last week.


Danko Jones: “Play the Blues”:

Live in Stockholm 2006.


And lastly, a friend of mine has just released her mixtape today, so here’s a little taste from her Soundcloud:

Barron S: “Cooler Than U”: