The Plastic Band

So, I wrote this last night and was going to post it later on the weekend, but when I got up this afternoon I found Michael Mann at the Straight had posted his comments about the “just press play” milieu of the electronic dance music scene and I thought maybe I should post this right away instead since the timing fits…

Just a little thought that crossed my mind, thinking of mannequins as well as how so many electronic acts just push play anyway with all the music coming from stems and backing tracks, and with that being the case the most important thing is the performance in terms of connecting with the audience and doing live vocals:

I should get a couple mannequins, dress them up in slutty goth boy attire, station them behind some extra synths, and then do my thing in the middle playing one or two synths and singing against drum and bass tracks.

At least it would be honest, and funny, and it would add to the visual impact of the show.

On the downside, adding two mannequins and extra synths and stands means a Hell of a lot more shit to lug and set-up. Might be better as a video concept, or just for one show at some point.