This week’s favorite tracks

Guns N Roses: “Double Talkin’ Jive”:

Found a cool live version from Rock In Rio in 1991.

No detailed comment for now, suffice to say there’s an incident involving some double talkin’ jive bullshit right now and I want my motherfucking money back. And thus this song’s been in my head the last few days. I shall post more once the matter is resolved.

Anyway, check out this guy’s other videos, he has some other killer footage from Rock In Rio too.

Further to the no comment thing…


L7: “Shitlist”:

And this as well:


Raggedy Angry: “Fire Engine Red”:

And now onto the rest of the list:


Faderhead: “Bitches All Know About My Boom”:

I still would have liked to hear that “I’m makin’ music for the Hell of it/You’re makin’ music to stay relevant” bit come back later in the song, but oh well.


L.A. Guns: “17 Crash”:

Woke up with this in my head this afternoon, ditto yesterday and a couple other days in the last couple weeks.


Great White: “All Over Now”:

This version live at the Ritz in 1988.

I’d almost forgotten about this song entirely; usually when I think of Great White it’s their raunchier shit like “Mista Bone” that I think of. But I’m digging it now, love the groove and attitude.


Aerosmith: “Bright Light Fright”:

and lastly…


Bang Tango: “Do What You’re Told”: