Weekly round-up/update

Technically a two-week update since I forgot last week…

1. Video for “Trouble Thing”: Whipped this up last night, then went on a downloading rampage for more weird old 40s and 50s educational videos to use in future archival footage stuff. I plan to get one made for each of my songs, we’ll see how long that takes.

“Trouble Thing” is from the EP Blood [and of course the album blood.black.haze].

Music copyright Pyra Draculea 2010, footage is from the public domain.

2. Demos: Making headway there too, I think I last mentioned about working on new parts for “Constrictor” then tossing all but the new bridge.

This week I’ve extended the outro of the final song “Black Stars” on the new album, making it drag out into a noise/audio collage thing featuring a partial reading from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 14. Which Shakespeare of course meant as a romantic thing but when I cut off the end and surround it with weird synths, it sounds creepy as fuck.

I’ve also finished [well, sorta] a rough version of a song called “Voodoo” for the album.

And because there’s both an album I’m working on that won’t be out til 2013 at the rate I’m going, and an EP that will come out sometime this fall or winter, I’ve been working on that too. I’d mentioned before an album track called “Lucky Paw” that got bumped to the EP instead, and now I’ve done that with another album track, “Counterfeit” and both of them are almost ready for final mixdown.

I’ve also done a noise/audio collage for the EP called “Fur and Flesh.” So far I’m up to 5 tracks ready or almost ready for the EP, but there are 4 others I want to add to it, so it’s starting to look like this winter EP thing is fast becoming a winter album.

3. Other stuff: been working on some non-maQLu related writing shit the last couple weeks, and doing some reorganizing in the synth cave [this seems to always happen when I’m in a writing phase, musical or otherwise – I guess organizing storage and crap like that goes with organizing ideas?]

Anyway: here’s a current view of things, since I know some folks are curious:

Computer station. Imagine an invisible ball and chain, since I spend long hours here.

Synths live here. And yes, I do have Ken begging Barbie for favors.

Also, yeah, I do have a mannequin head kicking around – I collect bits and pieces of fake people. They go well with all the [walking/talking] fake people I meet.

RS5 with amps tucked under it, also a portion of the corner cushion nest where I curl up with my laptop or iPad to do most of my writing.

Also I must admit I find the dust cover amusing, in a laughing-at-my-own-jokes kinda way. It’s based on the dimensions of the keyboard it’s covering. Uber-meta, as the kids might say.

And more bits and pieces of fake people poking out – reflexology models in this case.