So, a friend sent me a link to this:

[Because we like trading links to roadkill on the side of the information superhighway, that’s why.]

Global News: Curling stars rock pages of new calendar

First, crap like this is why I get my news from Breitbart’s Twitter feed, not from shitty Global TV.

Secondly, shitty pun alert! Rock, yeah, we get it. Lame.

My friend is now one up on me, because I think I puked in the back of my mouth more from this one than she did when I sent her the link to the Instagramer who posts old [circa 1985/6 when they were doing the girly glam thing and still trying to look like Hanoi Rocks] pictures of members of Guns N Roses and captions them as if they were having torrid love affairs with each other.

But that’s just me, having been raised by a mother who loved curling a little too much [but only watching it on TV, never actually participating at any of the local curling clubs] and who always insisted I ought to find the bald-by-30 pudgy dudes in the Brier hotter than skinny rock guys with guitars and full heads of glorious hair.

Anyway, ‘scuse me while I go on an L.A. Guns YouTube binge for an hour or so to cleanse my palatte…