What I’m listening to this week: a little human music

Obsessed with this track at the moment:

Aerosmith – “Darkness”:

Imperfectly perfect. Human music, not robot crap.

So fucking sick of presets. Preset drums. Preset synth patches. Fuck your backing tracks too.

Gimme music made for human ears by human beings. Give me something with a soul and emotion.

Let it break. Let it be different live than on the album. But most of all let it breathe and let it say something and let it have feeling.

Earlier this week I landed on some EBM faux-supergroup’s mailing list that I’m pretty sure I never signed up for [and the email they sent it to is my maQLu address, so I think I know exactly who contributed that particular email to the list-building effort, normally such spam goes to the email address I use for the Vampire’s Ball… but anyway…] urging me to listen to their teaser.

Which, by the way, is a terrible idea. If you’re Keith Richards, you can do a sampler with 10 second clips, because those clips will be of iconic riffs for “Satisfaction,” “Bitch,” “Miss You,” and a hundred others. If you’re an industrial/EBM band, don’t, because all I heard was 10 seconds of Drum Preset A under Arpeggiator Preset B ad nauseum. All sounds the same to me now, and that’s exactly what the sampler was. Two minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

Fuck that shit. Go sit at/with a fucking instrument and make something real.

Or y’know, learn to make the machines sound human. Listen to fucking Faderhead if you need a hint:

Faderhead – “I’d Rather Sleep”:

All done in the box, but Faderhead has a human ear so it still breathes. Easily my favorite track released in 2013, simple though it is.

Anyway, here’s a few other tracks I’m loving this week:

The Rolling Stones – “Terrifying” [there is an official video, but based on this music-only one having nearly 70,000 views, I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’d rather hear Mick than see him…]:

Hanoi Rocks – “Sweet Home Suburbia”:

Guns N Roses – “Mr. Brownstone” [this is a live version form ’88. Check out the sweet Gibson ES-175 Izzy’s got, I just bought a nearly identical one as a little birthday present to myself, pics once it arrives next week from the USA]:

Izzy Stradlin – “Methanol”:

Reverend Horton Heat – “Baby I’m Drunk”: