Thunderbird Radio Hell

So, last night’s set on CiTR Radio‘s Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell went pretty well.

I did have a couple of glitches. First, I was going to post one last “hey, tune in now” message with the above cell-cam shot of the set-up when the ol’ Crackberry decided to freeze on me. Second, while everything had worked perfectly in soundcheck, a few minutes later when Ben said “and now, live from the studio, Maqlu!” and I hit the MS2000, not a damn thing came out of the amp.

As I mention in the interview portion, Murphy’s Law states that if a cable’s going to crap out, it’s going to crap out suddenly right before you need it. :p

Anyway, I had spares, so the show went on. Most of the material is brand new off the album I’ve been working on demos for over the last year, but I also threw in a couple from and I decided to also do a Nickelback cover I’ve been goofing around with for fun, “Figured You Out.”

Which is to say I think I’ve ruined CiTR’s longstanding track record of “We don’t play any Nickelback, ever.” Oops.

Set list:

  1. Lord of the Flies
  2. Persona Non Grata
  3. Counterfeit
  4. Fortress
  5. The Trap I Am In Now
  6. Move Through Me
  7. Taxidermy
  8. Figured You Out

Check it all out on the podcast here:

maQLu on Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell

Thanks again to Ben Lai and Irene for having me on the show!

My friend Kathy was on hand to film the set too, so hopefully I’ll have some time over the next week to have a look at the footage and get at least one or two tracks posted to YouTube and embedded here.

Til then, next show is Friday April 6th at presents the Vancouver Indie Pop Series XXV at the British Ex-Serviceman’s Association at 1143 Kingsway in Vancouver. Cover is five bucks, beer is two. See ya there.