Dream guitars etc.

So, with the Guns N Roses love of my youth now coming back with a vengeance, and being that I live in the twilight zone, I’ve started having some interesting freak coincidences coming up.

There’s the vintage 1980s Gibson ES-175, virtually identical to one of the many GnR guitars from back in the day, that I dreamed about finding on Ebay (literal dream, when I was asleep) only to find it newly listed a couple days later and I recognized the photos even as identical to what I dreamed.

And since I had some money earmarked for such a guitar should I find it, I quickly bought it before anyone else could.

More on the guitar when it arrives from America in a couple weeks.

And on a much lesser note, now it’s October so McDonald’s is doing their annual Monopoly bullshit. And the first sticker I peel off is Indiana Avenue. (Non-GnR fans might want to check their Wikipedia entry to see why that’s mildly amusing…)

Methinks the gods are laughing, but that’s alright since I am too.

And hopefully they throw me an Ebay bone on the vintage Gibson Les Paul black beauty front, as I also have money earmarked for one of those if the price and year are right.