Sonic band-aid balls

Structure of “Constrictor”: intro-verse-turn-verse-turn-chorus-tag-turn-verse-turn-chorus-tag-tag-tag-fade out

I liked the song overall, but thought it was missing a little something.

First, the chorus felt too abrupt, so I doubled the length. That was a bit better, but still something was missing.

Then I came up with a different bit that could have been a bridge but felt more like a pre-chorus.

So tonight I’ll Frankenstein that in after each verse. Which probably means adding another chorus after the first verse.

And then I wonder if I should just go ahead and try to write a real bridge and see if that completes it finally. If it doesn’t work I can always chop it out.

So, then it will be this: intro-verse-turn-prechorus-chorus-tag-turn-verse-turn-prechorus-chorus-tag-turn-bridge-turn-verse-turn-prechorus-chorus-tag-tag-tag-fade out

Slap another band-aid on the ball and hope it does the trick.

But it does seem to be getting closer to be done every time, at least.