A little sprucing up

It started with a drive to revamp the synth cave a bit.

I had a couple IKEA chairs in the corner that were really too big for the space [yeah, who knew IKEA could make anything too big?], took those apart and took them home and replaced them with a “coffee table” that was padded and upholstered and comfy enough to use as a bench curled up on with my iPad or laptop in my lap and some cushions at the back. And it opened up the space by taking less space.

Then I brought in the RS-5 from home since I’m planning on doing some open mic shit later in the fall with just that synth, so I might as well rehearse with just that instead of on the other Wall O’ Synths here in the cave.

Then I hung up a little wall-hanging quilt I made a few years ago behind my bench on one side of the corner and got to thinking I should maybe make another one for the other side of the corner. I had this idea on Wednesday night and had it done as of yesterday afternoon.

Then I was thinking I was sick of looking at the beige walls in here and remembered I had a stash of flimsy red IKEA curtains kicking around. Today I brought in my step stool and hung them up, a couple in the corner behind the bench…

[Note: the quilt on the left with the Orion motif is the brand new one I made in 2 days, the lotus one is a few years old, seems to me that one took me a couple weeks at least.]

…and a couple in the opposite corner behind the Wall O’ Synths.

Not that all the sprucing up has been cosmetic and decorative changes in here, though.

I’m also going through a bunch of demos I’ve been working on for the last year and doing another round of revisions and rewrites. Last night I got a new chorus written for a song called “Constrictor” [well, technically the old chorus is still there, but I lengthened it and added new lyrics], and I retracked vocals for it, though some glitching out on my new I/O box means I’ll retrack them over again tomorrow.

Other songs are getting varying levels of overhauls as well and this will continue probably through the fall, hope to finally get this album out early next year.

Anyway, always seems to be the case, at least for me, that an overhaul in the physical environment makes it much easier to then ramp up productivity on the creative front too.