I hate big “buts” and here is why…

They negate everything you’ve said before them. Yet people don’t seem to get this first-grade vocabulary issue.

eg: Chick insists she’s like totally a free speech kinda gal, but how dare Daniel Tosh make jokes she doesn’t find funny. [Anti-feminist stuff, and Tosh’s whole schtick is to push the envelope of current PC taboos.]

Fuck off.

Whenever you inject a “but” into a sentence, you’re negating everything before that. “I’m in favor of free speech but comics shouldn’t say things I don’t like” means you’re not in favor of free speech, you’re in favor of speech that echoes your own opinions.

Not the same thing. People seem to be using the bit before the but to try to shut up anyone who disagrees with them. It’s the “I’m a nice person and you can’t disagree with me because [whatever]” bullshit. “I’m all for freedom of speech but…” is a lot “I’m not a racist but…”

Once again: vote with your eyeballs and your dollars. When something offends you, simply don’t support it.

Don’t go trying to start petitions to get him cancelled or railing about how he should have to change his act to suit your needs. Who the fuck died and made you God or Stalin to have a right to say what anyone else should or should not be allowed to say?

Don’t like Tosh’s show, don’t watch it. Don’t buy tickets to see him live.

That way, you don’t get offended, and those who find him funny still get to watch him if they like.

Pretty fucking simple.

Funny how I seem to remember in junior high social studies classes when it came to civics we all got the lecture on what freedoms mean and how you don’t have the right to impose your views on anyone else. ie: the world doesn’t revolve around you. Has funding hit such a shortfall that they skip this part now?

PS: If you’re going to heckle a comic, don’t get all whiny and self-righteous and complaining that you felt intimidated if he rips you out a new asshole, no matter how crudely he says it. Shut the fuck up or get the fuck out.