Tracks of the Week: June 10 2014

Johnny Thunders: “Blame It On Mom”:

Just got a copy of Have Faith, a posthumous live release recorded live in Tokyo in 1988. Killer blazing set.

Couldn’t find the Have Faith live version on YouTube, whether that’s because it’s not there or just related to the wifi being shitty today so I can’t do too much searching, I dunno, but this is the album version from Que Sera Sera instead.


Hossam Ramzy: “Lucy, the Magnificent”:

Decided it’s time to get my ass back to belly dance. Used to take classes for a few years up until probably late 2007 when I just didn’t have time anymore.

I miss it, so I’m back for a summer beginner’s class to jog my muscle memory, will take 2 or 3 classes in the fall [probably one cabaret style, one folkloric/balady style, and one American Tribal Style].

Anyway, point is I’m listening to a lot of belly dance music this week. This one is from Hossam Ramzy’s excellent Sabla Tolo – Journeys into Pure Egyptian Percussion.


One more belly dance track, an old favorite of mine:

Dinletir: “Ice Queen”:


Tiamat: “Angel Holograms”:


Duran Duran: “Careless Memories”:

Hadn’t heard this in ages, but it’s been in my head on and off this week.


Tom Waits: “Just the Right Bullets”:


Big Rude Jake: “Blue Pariah #1”:


L.A. Guns: “Here It Comes”: