Razors, lasers, and shrews

In the last week or so there’s been some fun chatter about a group of idiots at Arizona State getting extra credit in their women’s studies waste of tuition in exchange for not shaving for the term. And worse, thinking it makes some grandiose and noble statement of some sort.


But hey, they are women’s studies majors, after all, so no surprise there.

Anyhoo, I like Fred Reed’s take on it as well as Nicholas James Pell’s.

Meanwhile, last week when I popped by my dermatologist’s clinic to get the hairs on my upper lip zapped again with the laser, I asked the technician about getting my armpits done.

“Uh, just wondering… How long do I have to forego shaving before, um…”

“Oh, no no no no… No, it’s not like waxing where you have to let it grow in a bit, we actually need you to come in clean-shaven.”

“Oh thank GOD… I was worried I might risk getting mistaken for a women’s studies major… Phew!”

And we both laughed.

As one commenter said somewhere, the upshot of the hairy pits is that guys know which broads to avoid like the plague. It’s a bit of a tell. Kinda like we wouldn’t like it if a guy didn’t shower or brush his teeth: there are just certain things each sex does for the other out of courtesy. Refusing to do so is of course the prerogative of the individual, but it speaks volumes about said individual, most of it bad.

Thinking that refusing to shave does anything for women’s rights is stupid and frankly narcissistic. I’m sure the little girls getting their genitals mutilated in certain foreign lands would have a thing or two to say about what real oppression is, and believe me, it’s got nothing to do with Nair or whatever these spoiled “activist” bitches think it is.

Not shaving isn’t brave, it’s lazy.

Granted, my reasoning for getting laser hair removal also has to do with laziness, but I don’t pretend it makes me special in any way. (Just efficient.)

I think I shall still wait til September to get my pits zapped, even though I now know I don’t have to let the fur grow out, just because of the cost involved. I figure I have but one more session required for the upper lip, so I shall attend to the pits once done with that.