This week’s favorite tracks

Two weeks again. Whatever.

Anyway, finally picked up some Nazareth, though I already knew I liked at least a couple of their tracks via covers.

So now I have this in my head:

Nazareth: “Hair of the Dog”:

Playing it live on European TV in the 70s.

I have no freakin’ clue what the the singer’s blowing on, I guess it’s some sort of talkbox but it looks like it’s hooked in with some form of bagpipe. Funny, I assumed it was a synth of some sort since patches that have that same scratchy tone are so common these days in industrial/EBM/whatever we’re calling it this week.

Also been listening to a bit more Public Image Ltd. again lately, figured I’d pull out this one for the list:

Public Image Ltd.: “Lollipop Opera”:

Total earworm, ditto this one:

Rob Zombie: “Mars Needs Women”:

I much prefer the Griffin Boice remix of it that’s on Mondo Sex Head, but the YouTube gods weren’t kind to me today on that one, so there ya have it. [Seriously, buy that remix, it blows the original version out of the water.]

Jetboy: “Bad Disease”:

Sigh… I got a couple “bad disease” types. Oh well.

Still pissed that that “Car Sex” song isn’t on YouTube so I can post that, but oh well, I am digging this track too.

Hanoi Rocks: “Tragedy”:

I wanna know what eye makeup Mike Monroe uses. It never seems to melt and run when he’s sweating on stage, whereas I end up looking like Alice Cooper in about 30 seconds. Think I might have to do a little Texan-style running in full makeup to figure something out via trial and error over the next couple months.

Speaking of Texas, or at least Americana…

Izzy Stradlin: “Up Jumped the Devil”:

Apparently it’s a cover, which makes sense since it’s not exactly your typical Izzy lyrical style. Compare with the original by Ronnie Dawson here:

Reverend Horton Heat: “Hello Mrs. Darkness”:

I’d hoped to see the Reverend live this week, except I’d thought the show was Thursday and lo and behold the concert listings said the show was actually today when I need to get in and do my radio show. Which I might sometimes skip for a show, but meh, it’s the first one of 2014 after being off for 2 weeks due to building closures due to the holidays. I’ll catch him next tour.

One last track.

It’s pissing rain here in Vancouver but I hear many of my friends are in snow up to their tits.

So, I give you the following advice/song pick:

Frank Zappa: “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow”: