My good deed for the year

So, for the last few days at my jam space there’s been this huge pickup truck parked in one of our stalls.

Now, we have precious few spaces as is, and worse than that, the über-long truck was parked about six feet back from the wall so that access to our other spaces has been a bitch.

And some nights I know I was the last to leave so I was getting suspicious that the truck didn’t belong to any of my fellow musicians who jam here.

Having fucking had it last night, and starting to think some douchebag from one of the local condo buildings got uppity and decided to use our lot rather than pay the extra 20 or 50 grand for another space at his own building, I took some photos last night and whipped off an email to the manager asking if he knows anything about this bozo who left his truck hogging one of the spaces and parked such that it screwed up access to the other spaces.


Turns out the damn thing had been stolen and then dumped in our lot.

So, by being a cranky bitch about the parking situation, some dude’s getting his truck back. Which looks relatively new and probably fairly expensive.

Happy New Year, dude.

And now, with my yearly good deed out of the way, I can return to my evil ways undaunted for another 12 months.