Yet another [semi-]weekly update

Well, time for another blurb as to what I’m up to this week.

I’ve finally gotten settled into the new space. Got my monitor stands so my monitors are properly set up instead of sitting at chest height on my desk. We’ll pretend that that will make some sort of improvement to my mixing skills.

Since a. I will have about a three hour slot on CiTR’s annual 24 Hours of Radio Art on January 17, and b. I’ve been pumping out about an hour of experimental/improvisational noise/industrial per week for the Vampire’s Ball for the last month or so but c. I have two vinyl archives shows and one show I’ll be away for leaving me three weeks where I don’t need to make that hour of noise for the Vampire’s Ball, this will allow me to bank my three hours of 24 Hours of Radio Art content over those three weeks.

It made sense to me to do a three-part longer project with that time, and I recently read and thoroughly loved Atlas Shrugged, which just happens to be in three parts. So, I came up with a plan to do a very long collection called Shrug which will be loosely inspired by Atlas Shrugged, with 30 compositions within it, one per chapter. So far I have 8 done last week, and I posted the first to YouTube on Monday, here it is if you missed it:

I’ll be getting more chunks done over this weekend and will have another to post on YouTube on Monday. The whole thing will debut January 17 and I’ll post it to Bandcamp afterwards.

What else… I’ll have the masters back for Malfeasance this weekend, which means CDS for college radio will get ordered this week. Looking like I’ll be good for a release date at the end of January 2013.

And I’ve posted a few of the remixes I’ve done over the last few years onto my Soundcloud:

There’s a few others, but potential label shit made me decide to not add them to the set, and they weren’t already posted by the artists.

Anyway, looks like I’m already lining up for a couple new remixes I’ll be working on in early 2013, more news as it’s postable. Ditto a couple collaborations I’m working on, aside from my own new stuff.

I’m even debating getting around to doing some covers and posting them maybe once a week, but we’ll see if I have time. In the meantime of course if you wanna hear me covering Depeche Mode, grab your copy of the recent COMA Music Magazine covers compilation, Tainted Candy: A Tribute to 80s New Wave.