Video: Sapphire

New stuff: “Sapphire” off the upcoming album Malfeasance. I was going to hold off on this one til the release date of February 1, but meh, it was written as a dead-of-winter sort of song, so what better day than today?

The original idea came sometime in 2011, when I heard a couple friends were having to come up with Christmas-y songs for their label’s Christmas compilation, and they were having to do it in the dog days of August.

And not that I think I’d get signed to that same label, but I thought it was an interesting thought experiment of what sort of a wintery song I might write. All I could come up with initially was that it should have something to do with hot chocolate and Chartreuse, so I shelved the idea. And then this August I was inspired to come back to the idea, only adding in a lot more about gin than about Chartreuse, because that’s what I happened to be drinking at the time. I think there were a couple blog posts about this song when I was working on it, now it’s here as a teaser off the new maQLu album.

Believe it or not, this is probably the least vitriolic of the tracks, save perhaps for “Say My Name” which is an instrumental.