Chrystal Leigh live at the Finch and Barley

Managed to drag myself out of the synth cave tonight to catch my pal Chrystal Leigh doing a couple sets at a restaurant in North Van. And I managed to only get slightly lost en route (thanks Google Maps, also thanks to the city of North Vancouver for its teeny poorly marked road signage and roads that change their names a few times).

Anyway, some cool new material from Chrystal along with some of my favorites from her older songs such as “Subliminal” and her cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

And nice to see a packed house in this city where we always lament poor live show attendance, in fact, I think they had to turn away a couple people because it was too packed and they’re not able to allow standing room. I managed to squeeze in on a bench next to an older couple so even though I arrived just as Chrystal was about to start, I got to stay.