Rehearsal video: "Mister Hyde"

Had some camera issues at my set last week at Tuesday Night Music Club so I figured I’d post a rehearsal video instead for a couple of the new songs.

First up is “Mister Hyde”.

Gear: Vocals: heavily FX-laden, here’s what’s in the FX chain [what’s on depends on which part of the song]: Boss PS6 Harmonist, Electro Harmonix Nano Clone, Electro Harmonix Memory Toy, Boss DS1 Distortion, Tech 21 NYC XXL-G Distortion, Line6 DL4 Delay.

Synths: Korg MS2000, Roland SH-32, DSI Mopho.

Drums are coming from an iPod as I haven’t quite tweaked out my drum machine to get the right sounds yet. Originally they were all samples from various hand percussion bits and a few different cymbals.