#30 in Kingston, etc.

The circle comes around – my first ever chart position was #30 on the Top 30 chart at CFRC in Kingston in July of 2010, and this week blood.black.haze has reclaimed the same spot.

CFRC Top 30 chart for January 24, 2012.

In other news, rehearsals for the Tuesday Night Music Club set next week are going well.

You know that dream you have in high school where you forgot the final exam was today? I had the musician’s version of that dream today whereby I was setting up for soundcheck and freaking out about not being ready. Except for some reason I was at the Biltmore Cabaret and not at the Cellar.

Maybe that’s where I’ll have my next show.

In actual fact though, I think I’m ready, just polishing things up for the next couple days. I have a short 15 minute set but I think I can squish 4 of the new songs into it.

I’ll be doing a more stripped down experimental version of things – drums and noise with some bass coming off tracks [no sense in hiding it, it’s pretty obvious if I’m the only one on stage that there’s no drummer and no bassist!], and I will be playing some synth lines on my MoPho while singing. I’ll be riding the vocal FX live, throwing things through a short side-chain of a couple guitar FX pedals [for longer shows I’ll probably have more toys but for this set I just need a delay and a distortion].

So you’ll get a taste of the new songs but not the full version.

Once again: January 31 at the Cellar, 1006 Granville Street in Vancouver. Show starts early at 7:30, I’m on around 9:45ish, and there are 7 other artists. Cover is $8 at the door [or a buck a band].

More info: http://www.facebook.com/events/310505962327036/

In other news, listen to CJSF tomorrow from noon to 1pm – I will be the guest on Euanator Radio talking about the show, new demos, etc. and I’ll maybe be playing a couple new maQLu demos as well. 90.1FM in the Vancouver area or tune in via cjsf.ca. There will also be podcast links later on tomorrow or over the weekend.